Who Are We – Clinician Profiles

Ofir Vaisman, MCP, RCC

Ofir is passionate about strengthening relationship bonds with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and utilizes Observed and Experiential Integration (OEI) for clients wanting to heal from trauma.

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Lima Abedin, MCP, RCC

Lima’s areas of focus include the practice of Eastern & Western psychology to help with meditation, spiritualiaty, sex, anxiety, & depression. She also offers services in Bengali.

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Ariel Yu, MCP, RCC

Ariel’s areas of focus include stress management, immigration and culture issues. She works from a person/client centred perspective putting the client first. She also offers services in Mandarin.

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Maria Cristina Fong, MCP, RCC

Polly strives to create a warm, open, and trusting relationship with her clients, holding a safe space for them as they journey through difficult experiences and emotions. Polly also offers services in Filipino (Tagalog)

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Robert Miles, MCP, RCC

Rob’s areas of focus include codependency, attachment, trauma and communication skills training through a combination of attachment, teaching compassionate communication, using cognitive models where appropriate.

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Dr. Patrick Myers, PhD, RPsych

Patrick helps people cope with pain, stress, and trauma through the implementation of CBT, hypnosis, EMDR, Sensorimotor integration, and more.

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Ruth Patta, MA, RCC

Ruth believes in a collaborative and holistic approach to wellness which has its foundation in a bio-psycho-social-spiritual premise. She is trained in systemic therapy she works from the premise that when one member hurts, the whole system/family hurts. She also offers services in Swahili.

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Anet Benardete, MA, RCC  

Anet joins the team with an extensive background as a youth and adult therapist. She specializes in a combination of techniques based on a contemporary psychoanalytic background and has helped clients by promoting empowerment, self-awareness and resilience. She also offers services in Spanish.

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Cory Arthurs, MA, RCC

Cory implements both cognitive and body based therapies and works with those struggling with substance use as well as trauma, depression, anxiety, life transitions, or grief and loss.

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Lissette Mairena, MA, RCC

Lissette’s areas of focus include anxiety and depression, youth issues, parenting workshops and consultation. Lissette helps change the thoughts that can lead to distress.

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Fernanda Souza

Fernanda Souza, MeD, MCP, RCC

Fernanda’s areas of focus include attachment, anxiety, trauma, and personal injury. She brings attachment-based, trauma-informed, and family systems. She also offers services in Spanish and Portugese.

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Ernest Chen, MA, RCC, CCC

Ernest comes from an existential-humanistic approach to therapy, guiding a client through to the core of the issues, and also employs tools such as Hypnotherapy and EMDR. He also offers services in Cantonese.

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Andrea Dasilva, M.Ed, RCC, Contributing Writer

Andrea mixes different therapeutic strategies, based on the
needs and values of the individual client, including DBT, ACT, EMDR, and Mindfulness.

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Shahla Jalali-Mazlouman, MA, RCC, CCC

Shahla specializes in counselling for children through play therapy, and attachment strengthening of parent child relationship. She also offers services in Farsi.

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Mehmet Yaygin, MA, RCC

Mehmet works with people in pain through Somatic Experiencing and Family Systems aimed to go the root causes of problems rather than managing the cognitive symptoms. He also offers services in French and Turkish.

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Xavier Williams, MCP, CCC

Xavier takes an existential-phenomenological view when working with individuals and also works with couples.  He also offers services in French.

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Karyna Gallant, MA, RCC

Karyna offers helps in discovering your internal strengths and encourages personal growth through guidance and coaching. She also offers services in Russian and Spanish.

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Stephanie Kellington, MA, RCAT

Stephanie uses art therapy to heal trauma and address emotional difficulties. She also enjoys work with gender diverse youth, as well as those with neurodevelopment disabilities, such as ADHD and Autism.

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Katya Sivak, MA, RCC

Katya specializes in recovery from trauma and helping people navigate through grief, somatic experiencing, spiritual emergence, integration of spirituality and psychology, and using dreams in therapy.​

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Amar Sangha, MSW, RCC, RCSW

Amar works from a Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual-Systems based perspective to help clients move in a healthy direction. He’s a Qualified Health Care Provider providing assessments. He also offers services in Punjabi.

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Vicki McCabe, MCP, RCC

 Vicki has a passion for working with clients in the areas of birth, pregnancy or loss. Vicki believes that distress and pain are opportunities to address current issues and to find new growth. She also offers services in Cantonese.

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Tara Gosse, MA, RCC

Tara’s approach is integrative drawing from relational, experiential and expressive modalities. She is trained in AEDP, Therapeautic Enactment, and Sensorimotor, and works with adults and children.

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Yvonne Chen, MA, RCC

Yvonne brings 15 years of experience in trauma and crisis and utilities Brief Solution Focused Therapy (BSFT and CBT with her clients creating measurable plans of action. She also offers services in Cantonese.

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Holly Kim, MA, RCC

Holly brings over 20 years of experience, a strength-based approach, and works with Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, and CBT. She also provides services in Korean.

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Tatiana Maranda, MA, RCC

Tatiana specializes in the area of women’s empowerment and confidence. She helps women take charge of their lives through healing past traumas, regaining trust and building self-worth. She also offers services in Russian.

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Ross Stogryn, MA, RCC

Ross has a focus on building strong, affirming therapeutic relationships that both bolster dignity and resilience and allow clients to safely explore and engage with barriers to their life satisfaction and well-being. He also continues to work extensively serving the LGBT*TQQIA community.

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Aiden Sisler, Phd, ACCT, RTC

Aiden has a PhD in Developmental Psychology and is passionate about assisting diverse clients get “unstuck”, and explore their potential to get the lasting positive change. Aiden also offers services in German.

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Yasaman Madanikia, MA, RCC

Yasaman is a counsellor, art therapist, and play therapist. She works with children, teenagers and young adults. She also offers services in Farsi.

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Jennifer Aberman, RTC, RYT

Jennifer works from a holistic perspective and from a trauma-informed, mind-body approach. Mindfulness, CBT and existentialism are some of the specific models she works with.

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Ronaldo Acuna, RTC

Ronaldo specializes in working with individuals who struggle with anxiety, fear, panic, stress and depression. He utilizes a cognitive behavioural approach while incorporating existential therapy and mindfulness-based practices in his work.

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