Ayahuasca / Psychedelic Integration Therapy

While the use of psychedelic substances remains tightly controlled in Canada, the reality is that many people use mind altering substances, such as: Ayahuasca, DMT, Ibogaine, Psilocybin, LSD, Peyote, MDMA, oral THC, and other psychedlics, in various settings and contexts. Recent research suggests that some psycho-active substances have the potential to catalyze profound psychological healing and spiritual growth. That said, they can also bring about dark and traumatic journeys if not integrated properly. Today, some people use these mind altering plants and brews recreationally, while others use them as sacred spiritual teachers and healers. While people who had positive experiences with these plants often look for support in integrating and bridging between ordinary and non-ordinary realities, people who have traumatic experiences with these powerful substances may face many challenging feelings, conflicting thoughts, and symptoms of anxiety and trauma symptoms following their experiences. Psychedelic Integration therapy is focused on helping people piece together their experiences with in a holistic and healing way. Integration involves reflection on both the thoughts and the feelings that one underwent, somatic processing of the experience, creative reflection, active dreaming work, exploration and assimilation of the gained insights into one’s life for lasting and positive change.

Please note that our therapists do not guide or supervise any psychedelic experiences and will never suggest or provide any psychedelic or other controlled substance to clients during the course of therapy. Clients should never plan to attend therapy sessions while under the influence of psychedelic substances or any other controlled substance, unless prescribed by a doctor.

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