Pain. Such a short and simple word that carries with it such intense and unpleasant meanings. Statistics indicate that 1 in 5 people worldwide suffer from persistent pain.

Vulnerability: To Wound or To Grow?

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Uncertainty. Risk. Emotional exposure: The three “ingredients” in the recipe for vulnerability. For a lot of people, this concept conjures up feelings of discomfort, unease, and apprehension.

Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin

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Literally speaking, when any solid object blocks the light given from a light source, there is a dark area that corresponds to the shape of that solid object; this dark area is referred to as a “shadow”. Without doubt, we have all seen shadows, including our own.

Laugh Out Loud!

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OMG! Before being used as an abbreviation for “laughing out loud” or “lots of laughs”, LOL was used in the 1960’s to refer to “little old ladies”! To date, LOL is used so often in our communications that it has been officially added to dictionaries of the English language!

Assertiveness: It's a Win-Win

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In the last two articles, we have been exploring the skill of communication: verbal and non verbal forms and different styles of communication. In this article, the focus will be on the highly effective and reciprocally beneficial style: assertive communication.

Communication: Saying What You Mean and Meaning What You Say – Part 2

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In my last article (Communication: Saying What You Mean and Meaning What You Say – Part 1), we began exploring the intricate skill of communication; in particular, we focused on non verbal forms of communication and how there can be inconsistencies between what we say out loud and what the body says without words.

Overcoming Depression

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Everyone feels sad from time to time. But when the sadness doesn’t stop and emotions start to interfere with life, that person may be depressed. Winston Churchill called his depression his “black dog”.

It's Your Choice!

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Inevitably, we all find ourselves in different circumstances at any given time and on any given day: be they in the form of minor details (for instance, what you wear or the weather forecast) or major events (like childbirth or the loss of a loved one, as examples), they all represent challenges.

Body Image

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For 30 million people in the U.S., the answer is likely to be a resounding “certainly not I!” A staggering 90% of women have reported not feeling satisfied with their body image; increasingly, men have been providing similarly dismal evaluations of their body image.


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Ever wish that you could just skip over or fast-forward through the tough spots and challenges in your life? At some point, most of us probably have…

Symptoms: Friends Not Foes?

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I envision the skeptical look of surprise on your face as you read the title of this post… We have all learned that “friends” and “foes” are not members of the same team; that the former is “good” and the latter is “bad”. Case closed.

Oh, What the Hell!

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The What the Hell Effect — Yes, it is an actual thing! The what the hell effect is an actual psychological phenomenon that has been studied by actual scholars and researchers.

What's On The Menu?

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Be it looking into a surprisingly empty bag of chips that was full when you first picked it up or scooping up the last fudgy scoop of ice cream in a carton you just opened when you sat in front of the TV, mindless eating is characteristic of the eating habits of busy people in today’s busy 24/7 society in which we live; meals are commonly scarfed down as quickly as possible or eaten while working on a report, talking on the phone, checking emails, etc.

The Benefits of Meditation

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What is meditation, mindful awareness or heartfulness? They all mean the same thing: training your mind to focus without clinging to any judgements.

Practice, Practice, Practice

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Research has unequivocally supported the benefits of practicing self compassion for one’s mental, physical, and relational health. Just like no two people are exactly alike in every way, shape, and form, it is not likely that everyone would benefit from the exact same way of practicing self compassion.

What Self Compassion is Not

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Offering yourself kindness and compassion might not make sense to you or just feel uncomfortable; it is, after all, a radically different way of relating to yourself or responding to sufferings and missteps than what is practiced in our society! It is understandable, then that the process could be misunderstood and viewed with some skepticism or reservations.

Backdraft: When the Doors Slam Shut

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It is only natural for us humans to want to protect ourselves from harm (our survival instinct); as such, when you have had more than your fair share of tough times and pain and suffering, it is likely that your heart and mind tried to help you out by constructing fantastic doors and barriers to keep painful and negative events and/or emotions out.

After the Accident

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Have you been in a car accident? Are you suffering from more than just physical injuries? Are you feeling overwhelmed to keep up with all the appointments, while trying to recover from all of your injuries?

Go Ahead, Give Yourself Some Love!

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Be honest: when was the last time that you offered yourself genuine support and care during a time of struggle or suffering? Did warmth and openness characterize your physical gestures and vocal tone?

Sleepless in ___(your city)___

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“Aww man, I gotta get some sleep, I have that presentation at work tomorrow… Who’s going to take Jonny to soccer? What am I going to make for dinner? Is there enough gas in. the car to get to work and back?