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Practicum Student Counsellor

Diana’s life journey has allowed her to develop between cultures and engage with people from artistic and body-centred vantage points – in both theatre and bodywork (massage therapy). However, a unifying thread running through these experiences has been the consistent desire to help, connect, and evolve. Informed by this, she is committed to a holistic view of health: one that considers mind, body, and spirit.  

Diana sees you as the expert on your life and invites you to collaborate in the therapeutic process. She may suggest creative or expressive interventions to work in the here-and-now, responding to your individual needs, resources, and challenges. She celebrates diversity and recognizes the impacts of intersecting non-dominant identities. She also knows that she will never stop learning.   

Being alive means that we will experience pain, crave meaning, and eventually, confront death. It is normal, and even necessary, to experience anxiety in response. The question is whether this anxiety motivates us or paralyzes us. Diana believes our childhoods are important in shaping us, and our environments, experiences, and connections deeply influence us. However, she also believes we can change and grow. Problems arise when we are unable to feel a sense of agency in our lives; and it is through increased awareness that we can become better equipped to build the kind of life we want to lead and flourish into the kind of people we want to be.   

What is most important to Diana in working with you is establishing a relationship that encourages trust, openness, willingness to experiment, and mutual learning. She will work from your perspective – at its funniest, its darkest, and its most turbulent – as an empathetic, calm, curious, and non-judgmental companion. Her most valuable evidence will be your ongoing feedback. 

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