People seek counselling because they are not getting their needs met in life and want the help of a professional to empower them to get their needs met. Starting therapy is a huge step regardless of whether you have attended a session before. Therapy involves embarking on a relationship with another person that is 100% about you and that can be scary for anyone. 

Your role as the client is to bring up whatever is on your mind. It does not have to fit together before you say it. Your No Fear Counsellor’s role is to help you explore and discover things about yourself that you did not know before. As you talk with your counsellor, your feelings will change, and that will allow you to figure out new solutions to the problems you are facing.

Yes. Everything you disclose in your session(s) remains completely confidential and will not be released without your written consent.

There are three limits to confidentiality that you will be made aware of during your first session. The three limits are as follows:

1.  Suspected child or elder abuse. 

2.  An imminent risk to suicide or homicide. 

3.  A court order has been made to subpoena your files. 

These limits to confidentiality are here for your protection, and we will exercise them in accordance with BCACC guidelines.

See our consent form for more details. 

Finding a good fit is essential to meeting your goals. Every client is different and therefore seeing and feeling benefits from your counselling sessions will be different. With our right-fit guarantee, you can rest assured that we will match you with a No Fear Counsellor that understands your needs. We are committed to working with you until you find the right fit. 

If you’ve found the right fit, you will most likely begin to see and feel a benefit right away. Many of our clients have expressed feeling lighter, empowered, and that they are moving towards their goals after their sessions. You are the driver of your own therapy and your comfort is our priority. Your counsellor will go at a pace that you are comfortable with.


In some circumstances, for direct billing purposes, you may need a referral from a physician. (ie. ICBC)

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Please check in with your counsellor for their policy.

Once you’re booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the time of your first appointment and the contact information of your counsellor.

When you have been matched to your counsellor, they will let you know how to contact them if you need to cancel or change any subsequent appointments.

We accept most extended medical plans. Additionally, you may be covered by ICBC, The Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP), Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and many others. See our rates section for more information. 

We recommend checking in with your insurance provider to see what sort of coverage your plan offers. Main points to look out for: 

  • when your billing cycle renews (either calendar year or fiscal year)
  • maximum benefits per year 
  • if your dependent has access to benefits

Find a full list of our partners including occupational therapy and law firms, click here.

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Therapy hours:
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