Ofir Vaisman, Marriage/Couples Counsellor

Founder, Clinical Director

Ofir, (pronounced oh fear) Vaisman, MCP, RCC is the clinical director of No Fear Counselling. He holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Adler University and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Coulmbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.

Ofir is an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist for Marriage, Couple, and Family Counselling.  He has helped over 500 couples with a wide array of presenting concerns, with his passion being in helping de-escalate from challenging interactional patterns and replacing that with a connection. Ofir has worked with complex challenges including but not limited to sexual/intimacy concerns; infidelity; trauma which includes attachment injuries;  polyamory; and more.

Ofir is also passionate about working with individuals utilizing a Person/Client Centred approach. He also works with trauma through models such as Observed and Experiential Integration and others to get to the root of where trauma is locked in the brain and works on ways to release it. This involves different forms of exposure therapy all with the goal of clearing the trauma and integrating their past experience into their present lives.

Since 2018, Ofir has enjoyed facilitating a practicum program that has had over 30 Masters level Counselling students complete their hands on experiential component at No Fear, with another 14 finishing by the end of 2022. Ofir runs group supervisions and also has also been a primary individual supervisor to many of the students.

Lastly, Ofir has recently launched a Youtube Channel around his passion of Emotionally Focused Couples and Family Therapy, where he shares his insights into working with couples.

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