What is it like BEING SEEN?


Have you had the experience of being fully and deeply  seen by another? In all your authenticity and rawness?

What is that like?

Many of us resist such experiences and hide behind the cultural message of  “you should be brave” or “be strong” to mask the discomfort that arises from actually being seen. 

The fear of real vulnerability can cut us from parts of ourselves- the parts that we have kept hidden for very long… parts that were once exposed and then overwhelmed because they were not understood by the people around us…or they took over the burdens of other people. Over time we built walls and guards to protect ourselves and our hearts from suffering. That fear of suffering can block our connection to ourselves and to the ones around us.

Does your fear of vulnerability cause you isolation? Is it the thing that keeps you from experiencing and participating in life more fully?

What if you said to yourself  “ It’s okay to be seen”, “ I don’t need to hide myself”, “ My feelings and needs matter”. 

What do these statements invoke in you?

Is it a sense of fear, grief, sadness, relief or joy?

And what if these feelings are not good or bad, but mere messengers that bring valuable information about what is happening within you?

Why No Fear Counselling?

With clinicians of many languages and backgrounds in convenient locations, we provide effective counselling services tailored to your unique situation.

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