Yvonne Chen

(Burnaby Solo District)

Yvonne Chen, MA, RCC, completed her Master of Education,  in Counselling Psychology and Vocation Rehabilitation at the University of British Columbia.  She is registered with BC Association of Counsellors with registration number #14778.

Yvonne comes with 15 years of experience in areas of trauma and crisis, as well as career and student success counselling at a post-secondary institutional level.  She is passionate about helping a diverse population of youth to retirees who stem from multiple cultural backgrounds through trying times, life situations and choices, transitioning into a new culture and educational system and the journey to self-awareness.

Yvonne has also worked closely with cancer survivors in career exploration and mental health support; she also led cancer support groups for patients who have experienced cognitive dysfunction after cancer treatment.  She has supported cancer survivors’ memory loss and has facilitated the Memory Attention Adaptation Training (MAAT) (developed by health psychologist, Robert J. Ferguson, Ph.D. and Karen Lee.)

Yvonne is a genuine, caring and insightful professional who creates a safe therapeutic space to foster personal growth and self-awareness.  She is very excited about helping people transition into a new culture and to empower them to develop healthy ways of thinking and living.

Yvvone is trained in Cognitive-Behavioural Counselling (CBT) and Brief Solution Focused Therapy (BSFT) for clients wanting a concrete, measureable plan of action, Yvonne’s treatment objectives center on bringing change to self-defeating or irrational beliefs and behaviours by altering negative ways of thinking. 

Yvonne also offers services in Cantonese.

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